Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving In Review!


I know I am a little late posting my Thanksgiving run-down! We went up to Santa Barbara for the weekend to stay with Mr. Mustard's mom, and what can I say...the days got away from me!


We decided to "do Thanksgiving" a day late- on Friday- so that we could drive up on Thursday. We missed a lot of traffic because we drove while everyone else was eating Thanksgiving dinner!

It was a great idea. We had a very leisurely time up in Santa Barbara. We got there on Thursday and stayed until Sunday night!


Paprika had a wonderful time. Ginger wanted to go home to her own bed and spent most of the weekend reminding us that she would have rather been at home! ;-) What can I say, she's 17 months old and isn't a fan of travel...yet!


The girls had a great time turing the house upside down each day! What's new, right?! :-)


On Friday and Saturday night, TBS showed "The Wizard of Oz" on TV, so we let the girls watch it...both nights. (They had never seen it before).


They were entranced! That movie never gets old.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Pat outdid herself (as usual)! It was the 9th Thanksgiving I have spent at her house. It would be 10 Thanksgivings, but we missed 2005 when Mr. Mustard and I went to Paris for Thanksgiving.


We had a peaceful time up there, and missed out on all the Black Friday frenzy. I think we had a better time eating good food, laying around, going to the park, and catching up with old friends. Sales come and go, but memories last forever.

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Stephanie said...

Good to know your toddler is like my toddler and doesn't sleep well anywhere other then her bed. At least our four year olds do well! Happy Holidays!