Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Dance!


It's been a great weekend. We have done a whole lotta nothin' but relaxing at home and enjoying our days together. Mr. Mustard is working all weekend, so it's just me & the girls.

Ginger is really into books now. She will nestle into your lap and ask to read books whenever she gets the chance. And if there's no lap to nestle into? Well, she's good on her own...


We played a lot of dress-up and raided the Halloween clearance stash. It cracks me up to see an Ariel dress in Ginger's size. She is a pint-sized princess, for sure!


I'm pretty sure she was pretty excited about her costume! Ha!



There was also much mischief...


and a whole lotta shakin' yer booty dancing!


We were rocking out to the the "demo song" on the keyboard. It's Paprika's favorite! Haha!


The truth is, these two can have fun no matter what song is playing!


The girls are definitely filled with the Christmas spirit. We've been decorating all weekend. Yesterday we started on the tree and made a big dent in it today. Even though it's still our little Charlie Brown tree, it's filling a big place in our house now. I'll have to post pictures later- the photos are still on my camera.


This is how Paprika ends her impromptu living room dance recitals for me.

The End!



FourJedis said...

I LOVE this post... it is a girl version of our weekend. Our boys shake their booties to some music all the time, and not a day goes by without costume-time! <3 Very cute. Look at Ginger at the computer (and on the table)... trouble, trouble... but it's got to be hard to get angry and not smile at that cute face!

Sarah said...

Zane LOVES the demo songs on our keyboard too. They're his favorite! I miss you and I'd love to meet "Ginger" soon!

TDM Wendy said...

Ah so sweet! Thanks for sharing in my comment section. Our babes are dancing in heaven together!