Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Hidden Gem!


I found these pictures from over a month ago hanging out in my archives, just waiting to be published. I guess I never published them- just saved them for a later day...which is today, I guess! (I think originally I was going to write a post all about Ginger turning 16 months. She'll be 17 months on Thursday, so I'll wait to fill ya in on her milestones then...)

Today is one month since my Grandpa passed away. I am feeling down, missing him a lot, and feeling sad he's not here. I miss him every day, of course...anniversary days just seem a little bit harder for me.


These pictures are lifting my mood a little- Ginger with her favorite dolly playing the piano. So sweet!



Lauren said...

Those pictures are gems! I especially love the first one :)

Sheila said...

I didn't know Strawberry Shortcake was available as a larger ragdoll.
Good choice Ginger. I love her in that hat. She is so adorable. It must smell like sugar at your house with these 2 sweet girls.