Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's Look Back and Laugh!


You know how everyone says that you'll look back and laugh about this? I'm hoping that's what will happen with this weekend.

As Paprika told me all weekend, it was miserabled (yes, with a D at the end!)

She also kept saying: I would rather be at Disneyland eating popcorn.

To make herself feel better, she dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume and asked to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons in bed. We have the original cartoons from the 1930s on dvd, and they are her favorite.

So, I guess that made her a little less miserabled...which was a good thing! There was no way I was going to let her eat popcorn, though...because that would have just been cruel if it had come back up. ;-)

Ginger was a good little cheerleader for Paprika and tried to make her feel better.


Ginger and I have been hanging out together while Paprika lays in bed. I have been reading Ginger a lot of books. She points to the letters and goes "Oooo, Aaaa, Eeeee, Oooo, Eeeeee"- she is trying to tell me the letters, or trick me into thinking she knows the letters. I can't figure out which one.


It rained all weekend, but this morning the sun peeked out and so I took Ginger outside to run off some steam. She was getting cabin fever. We all are! We haven't been able to set foot out of the house since...oh, last Thursday! (Since Paprika has been too sick to go anywhere and the weather has been too bad to go outside).

She was so excited for the sunshine! I was, too!


The whole weekend had me almost nostalgic for our trip we took to the Aquarium two weeks ago (we went on Veteran's Day). I never blogged about it because I wanted to block it from my memory...but this weekend I almost wanted to be back there! Ha!


The issue was that we went to the Aquarium on Veteran's Day, which I believe is the busiest day of the year. I don't know that for certain, and I have no proof to back it up- but I cannot imagine it ever being more crowded than it was on that day.


It's not a big secret that I do not like crowds. At all. I have talked to Mr. Mustard about it, and told him that I think I have a phobia about crowds. You know, like how people have with heights and clowns. But he says a strong dislike of something is not a phobia. Potato, pot-ah-toe.


Anyhoo, I could only stand to be at the Aquarium for about 12 minutes before I had to leave. But Paprika wanted to stay (of course, we had just arrived) I took Ginger on a long walk around Long Beach while Mr. Mustard and Paprika fought it out with everyone else nuts enough to visit the Aquarium on Veteran's Day.


Incidentally, our little trip also fell right during Ginger's naptime, so she was feeling about like how I was. Can you tell?


My point I look back at our trip to the Aquarium on Veteran's Day with almost fondness. It's only been two weeks (not even) and already I'm saying: "Gosh, that was a heck of a good time. Let's go back!"

So, here's hoping when I look back at this weekend, it will be something we all laugh's hoping!


Oh, and...although Paprika felt miserabled all day Friday, yesterday, and most of today, her fever broke this afternoon and by this evening, she was running around, chasing after Ginger...just like old times!

So, all's well that ends well, I suppose. She's still not 100%, but definitely a gazillion times better than she was...and that's a good thing!


Amber E. said...

It's amazing how being cooped up can really skew your perception of things. I know here we only really get to leave the house on Sundays (sometimes Saturday nights) because of R's crazy work schedule and me not having a car. This means I really cherish our outings when they come around.

If we skip "Sunday Funday" I'm crawling the walls by Tuesday! That's why I instituted grocery shopping on Thursdays. It let's me get out with the Boy and see the world, if only for a few hours!

Brookeanne said...

We are the same way! When you get spoiled having a place almost completely to yourself, it's hard to not feel a bit "violated" when people come into "your" safe haven ;)! Glad you enjoyed it in the long run and SO glad Ms. Paprika is feeling better :).

Jayme said...

Our aquarium does free admission to military and their families on Veteran's Day- I wonder if yours does the same...