Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Play & A Surprise!


Yesterday was the Thanksgiving Program at Paprika's preschool. They've been building up to it for weeks, and she was so excited about it.


They made shirts with their Native American names and made necklaces out of beads. Paprika's name was...Purple Princess! Can you tell she came up with the name all by herself? Ha!


The day also included her preschool's Feast (translation: pot luck). We cooked up some chicken for the occasion. I thought we might be able to pass it off as turkey, but I guess none of the kids (or parents) were fooled. Ha!


After school, Paprika came home and wanted to put on my makeup. I let her, of course!


She was soooo proud of the finished product. Ta-da!


So, the big surprise happened last night when Paprika crawled into bed with Mr. Mustard and me around 3am. Paprika never (hardly ever, maybe once or twice) has come in during the middle of the night, and when she snuggled up next to me, I thought...ahhhh, bliss! What a rare treat!

Well, that feeling lasted about 90 seconds because before I knew it, she rolled over and threw up about a gallon of vomit on my face. I repeat, on my face.

So, as I frantically tried to wake up Mr. Mustard and get out of bed, she rolled over and threw up another gallon all over our sheets right there in the middle of the bed.

It was so not awesome at all.


So, long story short, all the plans I made for today had to be scrapped, and instead we are staying in. Paprika has been in her bed in pajammies all day reading books, drinking water, and eating animal crackers.


I am on the fourth round laundry, trying to get the vomit out of our sheets, mattress cover, bathroom carpet, towels, and everywhere else that got hit during the middle-of-the night barf-fest last night.

But all is not lost. We get the chance to be snuggly and enjoy the cute little Christmas tree we just put up in Paprika's bedroom.


I hope that the next time Paprika comes in to snuggle at 3am, it will be much less dramatic! I don't know how many of those middle of the night wake-up calls I can stomach! ;-)


mum2abby said...

I hope she starts feeling better soon!! Adorable tree:)

Sheila said...

Terrific Indian name. I think her t-shirt is so cute. Please do save it. She looks pretty good in the bed pictures so I'm thinking she got rid of whatever was bugging her. Hope you get the smell out and have a good nights sleep. I also hope the cootie bug only affected Paprika's tummy.

Erin said...

Oh Erika. I'm so sorry! What a mess! Your face!? That's the worst. Poor little baby -- and poor mommy!

She does look pretty cute in her jammies reading by the Christmas tree though. Makes me want a sick day! (minus the throwing up) :)

Amber E. said...

I have to admit, when I scanned the title and the body of the blog, I thought you were sick because you were pregnant! ;)

But I'm still sorry for the sickness and how it had to suddenly change your plans. I'm a longtime reader but don't often have time to comment. I wanted to commiserate with you today for the sickness and share my silly mistake in thinking you were expecting again!

Danielle said...

We had the same thing. And, yes, all over my sheets, too. Although it was not in my face. Thank goodness.