Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Well, it's that time of year again when I start pouring over the thousands (tens of thousands?) of pictures I've taken over the past 12 months and pick out that one (or two) that will take the highest prize of honor- the Christmas Card photo!

I've been checking out the designs at Shutterfly and they are soooo cute!

It will be hard for me to top our card from last year! I loved how bright and simple it was!

2009 card

Because we have friends from many different faiths and I like for everyone to feel included, in past years I've opted for a holiday card instead of a Christmas card. Even though we celebrate Christmas, I don't see the point of many of our dear friends feeling left out of the holiday card love, ya know?

Sometimes it's hard for me to pick just one showcased in our card from 2008!


In addition to figuring out the perfect Christmas card, I've got to get on doing our calendars. Last year was the first year I got calendars from Shutterfly, and now I am totally hooked on it. I look at my calendar every day, so every day that I get to see my family smiling back at me? It's pretty awesome.


Every year we do our Christmas cards at Shutterfly, and I have never been disappointed. We also get our prints there - and I use them everywhere in our house. Even the fridge!


If have a blog, you can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly! Just click here. Or if you just want to purchase your own cards, they are currently 20% off...can't beat that!


Sheila said...

Wow, that's a really great deal. Thanks for sharing this info.

Lauren said...

I need to get on our Christmas Cards too. I need to find that perfect picture first though.