Saturday, November 20, 2010

Les Miserables!


Paprika's temperature was 102 all day yesterday. She stayed in bed reading books and watching movies on our mini-dvd player. Poor miserable.

So, last night she had some Motrin and went to sleep early. When I got up at 9am this morning, I noticed she hadn't come in to our bedroom last night, so I figured she'd gotten a good night's sleep in her bed.

But when we went in her room to check on her, we found her on the floor next to a big bowl that she'd been using to throw up into all night. I guess she didn't want to bother anyone. My heart just sank.

Paprika is the most non-complaining child I have ever met. Seriously. I wish she would have come in and gotten us...but she's not like that.

The first thing she said this morning?

She said: Being miserable is no fun.

So, today has been a repeat of yesterday. Paprika is watching movies in bed while Ginger and I keep ourselves occupied with crafts and games around the house.


Yesterday Paprika didn't want anything to eat and just drank juice and water. Today her appetite is improving (she's having a goat cheese pizza right now as I'm typing this) I take that as a good sign.

Ginger's appetite, on the other hand, is quite good! Things like this happen when I turn my back for a second. I cannot let her out of my sight...she is into everything!


Here's hoping that the next day brings Paprika some relief...and that the rest of us don't get whatever she has. Fingers crossed!


Southern Gal said...

Your poor baby! I hope she's better soon.

P.S. I've been watching Les Miserables the past few days in snippets on youtube.

FourJedis said...

Poor Paprika. That is heartbreaking! I hope she is feeling better this a.m. I'm amazed that she never complains, but then again, not surprised!

Stephanie said...

Poor thing! Its the worse when they get a stomach bug...there isn't much you can do for them. I hope last night she slept well and today (Sunday) is a good day for her! And I can't believe Ginger doesn't toss those beads all over the floor!!!

Sat Bachan Kaur said...

I hope Paprika is feeling better today! I love you!

Lauren said...

Poor baby! I can't believe she didnt come get you all night when she was sick. Hope the rest of you stay healthy and she that she feels all better SOON.

Sheila said...

Sweet,darling,girl! I hope she let's you comfort her. Here's hoping she doesn't throw up any more. She is so resourceful and independent even when she's feeling lousy.
The photos of Ginger Bear are too cute. I really love the spirit both these wonderful girls have.
Hope you are done with cootie bugs at your house and they are all gone. Ginger ale is always in my pantry for tender, achy, tummies.
Bless her sweet heart.