Monday, November 15, 2010

Trimming The Tree!


This year is certainly the earliest we've ever trimmed the tree...and by tree, I mean that $5 plastic tree we bought on clearance at Target 6 years ago!

Paprika especially could not be more excited to put it up, and even though I have considered getting a bigger tree, or a real tree, Paprika loves and remembers this one. I think it will be a shock to her one day to realize that not every Christmas tree comes from a beaten-up box in the garage!


I think we can find magic in every situation, and that is one thing Paprika reminds me of on a daily basis. She can find the magic and wonder in the smallest of pleasures.


Trimming the tree this year was big, two day event. Every ornament had to be put on just right. She wanted to know the story behind each and every piece of Christmas trimming.



And of course, Ginger wanted to help. She put a lot of ornaments on the tree and took a lot down!


And the fact that it's not quite Thanksgiving yet? No worries. These girls could celebrate Christmas year-round if we'd let them. ;-)


As for me, I am doing my own private count-down. We have one week (and one day) until the Season Finale of Dancing With The Stars. That means that as of next Tuesday, Mr. Mustard will be off work for at least a month. I am so excited! That's my Christmas present right there. Every season is really intense and we miss him so much when he's working such crazy hours. But then the season is over and we have him all to ourselves for a bit. And it's awesome!


The most exciting time for the girls now is night-time, when the tree looks positively magical in the dark of our living room. Paprika has me read her stories there before she goes to bed, and I have to admit, I don't want to stop reading to her to put her to bed. It is so cozy and I get to look at all of our lights and ornaments, and the special memories they hold.

Like our very first ornament from our first Christmas together:


When I think back to that couple in that photo 7 years ago, I smile and wonder if they ever knew what life had in store for's been quite a wild ride!


Stephanie said...

How fun! They both look like they are having so much fun!

But I have to know ~ how do you keep that WHITE couch WHITE! I am dying to try getting a white couch, but with three kids and one on the way. . . I am way too chicken.

Devon said...

oh so fun!

and yes, you have been on quite the ride!

Erika said...

thanks girls! stephanie- i don't know- it's just a slipcover. i bought the couch on craigslist for $75 and then the cover at ikea for $50 (because the old cover had some wine stains)- so total the whole thing cost $125 AND they delivered it to me for free- so i figured that even if it does get trashed, it's just a $125 couch...

so does fine. i should probably wash the slipcover soon because it is starting to look a little dusty...but it holds up.

i say go for it!!! :-)

ferfischer said...

There is nothing wrong with Christmas year round! I think it's great! Max wants a christmas tree in his room this year, so I think that's what we'll do!
And sometimes I look back at the pictures of when we were first married, hanging in our hallway, and wonder also if we ever knew what was in store for us - a wild ride (of a different kind) indeed!

TDM Wendy said...

Decorating the Christmas tree with the kids is my absolute favorite thing to do!!!
And I want to see some pics of you in your spitty college sweatshirt.