Monday, March 8, 2010

Zee Artist!


Thank you for supporting me during my whine-fest yesterday. I was feeling so down. But when things are down and they are fixable, that is a good thing. So, yesterday after I wrote that post, Mr. Mustard came home and watched the kids and I went to the spa. Hahahahaha. No, I didn't go to the spa...I went up to our old condo and worked for 8 hours straight cleaning it and getting it ready to sell.

As weird as it is to say, going up to the condo and working so hard like that actually felt like a vacation. Mr. Mustard stayed home with the kids and I had the chance to be by myself for the first time in weeks. After cleaning and organizing and running around for those eight hours, I was tired. But I felt productive and that was refreshing...especially because these past few weeks I feel like it's been two steps forward three steps back.


This morning Paprika enjoyed drawing out in our backyard. It sounds so weird to say our backyard...since we've just had a teeny tiny three foot patio before. Paprika's first drawing of the day? A picture of our family... :-)


This afternoon IF Ginger takes a nap, I am going to try washing the wood floor with vinegar like you all suggested. If that doesn't work, I'm ordering GooBeGone. I will not let these yucky floors win!


With Out My Punkin said...

you can find goo be gone in stores, just dont want you spending loads to order it (I am a penny pincher) ;0)

Lost in Space said...

I have some GooBeGone if you want to give it a test spot before buying it...

Glad things were a little better and hope they continue to be. That is a super long day of work you put in there!