Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Always Exciting!


Even in our downtimes, it's always exciting here at our house...sometimes I don't know if I should write things on my blog, and a lot of drama I leave out because I don't know...when is it just too much information?

But, the sale of our townhouse has been nothing short of dramatic and I think it's okay to share. We have a buyer, and after much negotiation back and forth, we reached an agreement. Everything was going great, and then he disappeared.

Literally. Disappeared. Without a trace.

No one knows where he is. He hasn't picked up the mail for over a week. He is just gone. We have passed forth so many theories- maybe he died, maybe he's in the hospital, maybe he's a spy and he's had to go into deep cover. We don't know. But we can't cancel until we get him to sign off...and in the meantime, we're just waiting for him to come back.

It's so frustrating. We can't even put our house back on the market until this all gets worked out. Stressful!


In the meantime, we're living without furniture at our new house. I have been finding some stuff on Craigslist to get us by because, let's face it...a few weeks without a couch and a bed and a dining table are just fine. It's like camping. But after awhile, you really just want a place to sit down and rest after chasing kids around all day. At least I want that!


I have no idea what's going to happen. Seriously. I try to live this quiet little life, and things always happen that are so unexpected and surprising. Why can't we just have a normal house sale? Why?

Last fall we tried to buy a house near the beach, and what happened is a movie script I will have to write someday. As you all know, I won't even talk about it on my blog.

Why can't things just go smoothly? Why so dramatic?


So, I will keep you updated on what happens with our buyer. He's a really upstanding professional guy, and we've been told that his disappearance is really out of character for him. Needless to say, everyone is worried and we hope that he's healthy and safe.

In the meantime, we are hanging out waiting to put our house back on the market, and enjoying the new rugs I bought to cover up our sticky wood floor (that I never could get unsticky). As you can see, Ginger is especially enjoying it. So plush, she could even take a nap...and after all that's going on here, I really feel like a nap, too!



FourJedis said...

Wow, that's really scary that something bad could have happened to him. I hope he's ok and that you guys get some kind of answer and can move forward with selling the townhouse one way or another. I love the pretty pictures amidst the concerning story.

Brenna said...

Oh my gosh, what kind of craziness is that?! Just DISAPPEARED? I've never heard of such a thing! E, you do attract the drama. It's a good thing you seem to be a very level-headed individual. I'm not sure I'd have a hair left on my head to tear out if I were in some of the situations you've been placed in lately!

Lost in Space said...

That is really crazy!! I hope it all turns out well, but what a huge stress for you to deal with in the meantime.

Love, love, love these shots of Miss Ginger. I need some lessons. (-;

Eve & Joel said...

Aw, Dang! I hope you get your buyer back...and soon! Like you guys need more stress in your lives, right? :) Love the new posts!