Thursday, March 25, 2010

1000th Post!


Get ready for some excitement! This is post number one thousand. Yup, before this post, I had written 999 posts on this blog since March 2006, four years ago!

No pressure or anything to make this post a good one. LOL!

Today started off with a good-old-fashioned clean out of the garage. We kind of threw everything in there when we moved in, and it was looking disastrous. I wanted to wear a helmet whenever I entered.

Since we can park in our drive-way, my plan is to make our garage into a work-out room/storage space. I did unpack my bathroom scale very recently, and it has motivated me to get back on plan with my Skinny Tuesdays, by the way! But that's a whole other post! ;-)

The garage still has a long way to go, but at least it's a start. I had Paprika "helping" me during Ginger's it was a little bit three steps forward, two steps back. But that was part of the fun, too.





After Ginger woke up from her nap, we loaded into the car and went to one of our favorite spots on the planet...the beach and the ocean!


It was a gorgeous day. We brought lots of toys, like the soccer ball...


and stuff for digging and building sand castles.


Paprika quickly found a playmate in a little girl who was on vacation with her family. You know that saying, "She never knew a stranger..." Well, that's Paprika. She makes friends with everyone...


They were BFFs and played together for hours until it was time to head home. Life is so simple when you're 3 and a half. :-)



Jamie said...

New follower...first time commentor (wow...I sound like I am prat of a "group" LOL) Anyway, found your blog through a friend when she was talking to me about kiddo safety on blogs. I appreciate your tough love and advice. You have adorable girls!! I also appreciate that you are the b/w checkerboard tile...used it in a former house...loved it! Will probably visit oftne...Congrats on the 1000th post!!!


They are so sweet together. It is so great how small kids can make friends so fast and have fun!
Nice job on the garage! You must feel so relieved to have that done.

Lauren said...

Happy 1,000th POST!

I always enjoy looking at your pictures! The garage transformation looks great!

FourJedis said...

Congrats on getting your house cleaned out! I love how outgoing Paprika is. She's such a neat individual. :)

Lauren said...

1000 posts!
and btw, you need to have a reality show. Talk about supermom over there! Want to come fix up my house???

Erin said...

What I wouldnt give for a day or 5 at the ocean right now :) how nice it must be to just pack up and head to the beach anytime!! Love the garage, your just on a roll with house projects :)

Brenna said...

1,000 posts E, wow! Congrats. The girls are glowing and gorgeous, as always. xxoo B

Lost in Space said...

Congrats on 1000! Very impressive.

You are on such a roll with your house. I love seeing it all come together in each new post!