Friday, March 26, 2010

Craigslist Adventure!

I woke up this morning intent on finding us a dining room set. Our old set is still at our old house. We're going to sell it because it's way too big to fit in our new house.


Since our new house is a 1940s/1950s beach bungalow, Mr. Mustard wants to stay with a dining room set that fits the era of our house. He is dreaming of a mid-century modern set (a 47" Saarinen Knoll tulip table and matching chairs, in case you were curious) and I just want something to sit on. I have been hunting for his set for weeks, and it's hard to come by unless you want to pay full retail value (which I don't).

We have been borrowing my friend Brenda's card table and folding chairs that she so graciously lent us. Thank you, Brenda!!! Before that, we were sitting at Paprika's kid table and chairs.

Our house on move in day. Notice Paprika sitting at our then "dining table":


My goal for this morning's activity was to find an old dining table and chairs, have it delivered to me, sand it, paint it white, and have it done by the end of Ginger's nap...all for $100 or less.

I found a dining set on Craigslist, then called the guy and asked him if he'd drop it off because my car is too small to load it. Surprisingly, he agreed!

He wanted $120 for the set which included the dining table, a leaf, and six chairs. He asked if he could keep one chair, so I said it's a deal if I can have it for $100 instead of $120 (since my goal was $100). He said that the table has been covered with a glass top for over 50 years, so it looks new.

Long story short (I know, this is getting to be a long story), he dropped off the table, and after he left, I realized that he left us with this gorgeous, solid cherry authentic Stickley dining set. I even have a fifth chair, which I am going to use for my desk! Score!


It totally threw off my plans to paint the table white because now when I look at it, I can't imagine painting it anything. It also threw off my plan to paint the kitchen cabinets white, because now the table kinda matches the cabinets...


Well, that freed up my afternoon. So, I took Paprika and Ginger on an adventure to feed the ducks and spent the rest of the day at the park.


Survey says, it was a success! Paprika thought feeding the ducks was one of the coolest things ever!




The End!


Mama Reiberg said...

I am just loving your new house adventure stories!

The Carrels said...

holy moly...stickley for $ got the deal of the century!

Erin said...

again you are just on a role, I always forget about craigs list when I need to get new things. It sure does go with your kitchen :)

noswimmers said...

Wow, the table fits perfectly!! LOVE craigslist.

Your girls are so beautiful. :)

Sheila said...

Great Deal! Karma is a sweet thing indeed. I love how warm and homey it makes the kitchen with all that honey colored wood. How terrific to have so much sunshine in the kitchen and breakfast area.
Totally digging the "I love feeding the ducks dance move on Paprika". Is it just me or are things just meant to be for you since you've moved there? Hope it stays that way for you forever.
Life is Sweet on your Sunny Side of the Street!

Brookeanne said...

That reminds me of this post from last year
I still get chills walking by our piano. Some things just feel like fate :). Conratulations!!!

Lost in Space said...

Ooohh, I love the new table!! You really scored on that one and it looks great in your kitchen.

Feeding the ducks looks like a real hit! Love her smile. (-;