Wednesday, March 24, 2010

D-Land Spring Break!


Yesterday Mr. Mustard had the day off work after a great premiere night of Dancing With The Stars. We decided to brave the Spring Break crowds and go to Disneyland to celebrate. Paprika was super excited about it, of course! Ginger seemed to like it, too!


We avoided most lines by going on only the rides with the shortest lines. We also saw two parades (one at D-Land and one at California Adventure). Paprika got to play the drums in the Disneyland parade, which was a thrill for sure. We also saw a pretty awesome performance by Princess Tiana (Paprika's favorite princess). Paprika is still talking about that one.


Now that we've been so many times to D-Land...I have to say, and I feel bad for saying this...some of the princesses are so much better than others. This Jasmine did not hold a candle to the last Jasmine we met. ;-) She stood straight up and never got down on Paprika's level when Paprika was trying to talk to her. She wasn't even listening to what Paprika was trying to tell her. As you can see, Paprika is practically standing on her tip-toes to try to take a picture with her. I want the other Jasmine back! LOL.


I have figured out that the best way for big characters to connect with kids is to get down on their level (well, for anyone to connect with kids, really). I think that's why the Easter Bunny visit was so successful for Paprika last week- the bunny was sitting on the ground during their visit.

Anyhoo...we all still had a great time seeing the small attractions:


and the very big ones:


and even just hanging out together in line:


It was a great day!

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FourJedis said...

I love that your princesses dress the part to go to Disney. So cute! Sorry Jasmine was a bust. Getting down to their level really makes such a difference. I have total Disney envy. I wish we could get back to D-world soon!