Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Want To Go Home!


(last pic of us at the park in our old neighborhood)

I am weary. As much as I did not like living in our old condo, it was familiar. It was comfy. The dryer worked. The heat worked. We had furniture. The floors were (relatively) clean.

Since our move, nothing has been going right. I am so tired. Weary. Exhausted. Spent.

The move has been really hard and I feel like I am beyond overwhelmed at the moment. It's been one thing going wrong after another, and I am done with things going wrong. Things can stop going wrong!

The list is pretty much endless. We left our furniture at our old house, since we are trying to sell it. That means that we have no furniture at our new house. No dressers. No beds. No dining room table. This all sounded fine in theory, but the reality is different.

When we showed up at the new house, I discovered that the wood floors in the living room and the bedrooms were covered in a black, sticky, tar-like substance that would not come off, no matter how much I mopped or cleaned the floor. I have mopped the floor about 100 times (not joking), with everything imagineable, and I can't get this stuff off. This makes life very difficult with a crawling baby.

The dryer at the new house is broken. I discovered this after I washed a huge load of socks and know, clothes that matter. The cabinet where the dryer goes is too small to fit most dryers, including the working dryer from our condo.

There is no heat in the girls' bedrooms. No one sells space heaters this time of year (I ordered some online but they have yet to arrive).

Our new house is a cell phone dead zone, so our phones don't work in the house. This makes it soooo easy to communicate with the outside world. Not!

Add that to trying to sell our condo in the worst real estate market in the history of our nation. The day after we moved, we found out that our next door neighbor's condo has been foreclosed on and is going up for auction. She basically took a huge amount of equity out of her house and now she is upside down in her mortgage, so she is letting the bank take the property. So, now we are competing against a bank-owned foreclosure. We put a 20% downpayment on our condo, so we cannot just walk away from our house and let the bank take it. We have to work, and I mean work to sell it. We have to stage our property, make it look super pretty so we can maybe break even and get our downpayment back out of the property.

I know things will get better (at least I hope so). At the moment, I'm just feeling like what the heck have we done? I want to go lay on my couch. I want to fold my clothes and put them in dresser drawers. I want to dry my baby's socks. I want my baby to be able to crawl on the floor without being coated in mysterious black tar. I want to go home.


Mama Reiberg said...

oh geez erika that sounds so awful! what the heck is on your floor? this is going to sound lame, but have you tried straight vinegar and hot hot hot water? it's what we use to get unknown substances off of the stage pieces and it seems to work every time! you are awesome and it will get better. when we first moved into our house all I wanted was my teeny tiny apartment back. we had been there for 6 years and it was easy. chances of us ever moving again are slim to none.
biggest hug to you ((hug))

Devon said...

dear will get better. i can only imagine how crazy stressed you are! do what you can and the rest can wait....

wish we lived closer so i could help you out more.


Mrs. A said...

Oh Erika that doesn't sound good at all...I would want to go home too! Take it one step at a time, and I'm sure things will get better!
About your hardwoods, we had a similar black gooey substance on our hardwoods when we bought our house and nothing would get it off! Finally we found a product called Jasco, www(dot)jasco-help(dot)com, and it took the black goo straight up. We did have to refinish our floors once we were done, but we had already been planning that! Hope that helps and Good Luck!

ferfischer said...

Oh man. I'm sorry. You'll get there! You eat an elephant one bite at a time!

FourJedis said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling that warm, homey feeling that everyone should feel from their house. I agree- try hot (very hot) water and vinegar if you haven't already! So sorry we couldn't catch up this week, but I know you were crazy busy, and I worked really long days. Thinking about you guys. Try and keep a list of all of the great things about the new place. It will get better!!

Brookeanne said...

Awwww... selling a house is rough! Especially in this market. I won't tell you the loss we took on our home just to get out from the double payments, but I will say it wasn't pretty. One thing I will share is that we ended up renting out the house, which went well for the first year, but we got careless about who we let stay there in order to make sure someone was paying on a monthly basis and that really bit us hard.
Anyway, in the long run, it really did come together, and later on I was able to see that it worked out the way it did for a reason. (We we wouldn't have taken on job changes in order to make more money to make ends meet, which in turn created a better life style in the long run, etc.).

I am sure it will come together for you guys as well. Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!

P.S. Have you tried "Goo-be-gone" on the floors?

MicheleL said...

I'm so sorry Erika. Hang in there and I'll say some prayers for you! This too shall pass.

With Out My Punkin said...

((HUGS)) It will get better!

noswimmers said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds awful!! Moving is stressful enough without all of that piled on top of it. Ugh.

I really really REALLY hope your condo sells soon.


Rachel said...

Try goo be gone, that stuff works miracles.


Lost in Space said...

Just sent you an email...