Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best Laid Plans


I am always making plans and hatching new ideas after Paprika and Ginger go to bed. Big plans, grand plans. Plans that seem so simple when they are both asleep (which is a very small window of time, by the way)!

When Paprika was seven months old, we moved out of our 450 square foot apartment and back into our townhouse in Pasadena. We had our own washer and dryer (which was a big deal), and I decided I would start cloth diapering. I was so fresh and full of enthusiasm about it.

But then reality set in!


I cloth diapered Paprika until I became pregnant with Vivian and Annemarie. Being pregnant with twins and all the physical discomforts that go along with that (twice the morning sickness, twice the fatigue, etc.), cloth diapering went out the window. We switched back to disposables (Nature Baby Care diapers), and that was that. I packed away those cloth diapers and promptly forgot all about them.

But now that Ginger can fit all these diapers, everytime I buy a box of disposables for her, I think "what a waste!" I can diaper her for free using all the cloth diapers I have packed away.

Long story short, the other night we ran out of disposables, and I decided (while Paprika and Ginger were sleeping) that we're switching back to cloth. I have a big yard, so I can even line dry the diapers.

It all seemed so simple!


Then Ginger woke up, and I held her for the rest of the night as she fell back asleep (as I pretty much do every night).

About an hour into holding her, she peed through the cloth diaper, and I was covered in her pee...which was warm for about five minutes, until it turned cold. Because she was sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to wake her up!

So, I kept holding her, and I was covered in pee all night long.


I realized that the best intentions in the middle of the night are always a little more complicated in the light of day. ;-)

I think we'll still cloth diaper, I've just got to figure out a nighttime solution to keep her dry overnight...for her sake, and for mine!!!


JESSICA said...

Maybe cloth diaper during the day and disposable when she goes to bed at night?


Oh poor you! It is kind of warm for a minute or two! I didn't cloth diaper any of mine. It wasn't the "think" to do then. I'm not sure I would be up for the challenge. Seeing that I am not having any more, I guess not! Good luck with whatever you decide. Either way is still ok!

Mimi said...

Jessica's solution seems good. I used eco-friendly disposables, but they sometimes leaked (this was 13 years ago!) so I used Pampers at night. It was a good compromise.

Adrienne said...

Uh-oh, did you accidentally use one of your daughters' real name in this post? I love the name, but wasn't sure you really wanted it to be there. :o)

Erika said...

thanks girls! i think i am going to do disposables for now at nightime and POSSIBLY nap-time, since the past two days when i've used cloth diapers, ginger hasn't taken a nap AT ALL...which leads to a very cranky baby, no fun!

adrienne- oops!! thanks for catching that. i fixed it! :-)

FourJedis said...

I went through a period where I had to triple-stuff our cloths for the night time. She looks adorable in that pink diapie! I also love that carpet - was that there when you moved in or did you lay that too? It's really pretty and looks soft! Perfect for a princess room!

Lost in Space said...

No advice, but they sure are cute on her. (-;

Brenna said...

I double-stuff Tate's dipes for nights and naps, but I also find that I have to change the cloth diapers more often to avoid leakage. I tried several brands before I hit on our favorites (Bum Genius, FuzziBunz, Thirsties, Happy Heinies, etc.). It took a little experimentation to get the right fit for us. They sure do look cute on your little sweetie's tush! :)