Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best Thing Ever!


Yesterday I took Paprika and Ginger to an Easter party hosted by our local Mom's Club. The Easter Bunny was there, and Paprika actually gave her (it was a girl!) a was the first time a big character like that didn't leave her in tears.

Paprika was one of the oldest kids at the party, so she really cleaned up at the egg hunt. I made sure to bring extra eggs to the party because I didn't want any of the kids getting short-shrifted. Paprika was totally excited about the eggs, and spent most of the rest of the party examining her loot.


Then we came home, and while Ginger was taking her nap, I finished the kitchen floor.





I think it looks pretty good! It cost me about $120 in materials, and the labor was free! Home Depot had quoted me $3000 to do the kitchen and back hallway. I think I should send them my pics and ask if they really would have done it so much better and in less time (I spent two and a half of Ginger's naps doing it...about five hours total over three days).

Of course, I couldn't stop there. There's also the back stairwell and hallway to do. I started on that yesterday. I would have done the stairs, but I have to take up the stair tread, and that is really noisy and definitely would have woken Ginger up from her nap. So that will have to wait...





I also installed a baby swing on our swingset for Ginger. Paprika thinks it's the coolest thing to swing Ginger.


Ginger was so excited to get in the swing. It's definitely become her favorite thing.


Mr. Mustard was worried that the Craigslist swingset would never get you can tell, Paprika is living on it.


She thinks it's...


the best







Adrienne said...

Wow! The new floor looks great! I bet it feels great to have that fresh, clean floor now too. :o)

mum2abby said... now I'm going to have to ask YOU some questions about the floor. It looks so good and we have our crap floor that I would LOVE to do something with but obviously not spend a fortune doing. :) I'll have to shoot you an email! It looks great...and the swingset a big hit!!! Hope she continues to love it!!

With Out My Punkin said...

YOU GO!!! Yeah tell Home Depot to shove it!

dana said...

oh my goodness E your floor looks wonderful!!! i'm so are amazing! i'm going to have to find out the details and maybe hire you! :)

love the pics of your fun new home...enjoy the new memories.

hope to see you sometime soon...

Stephanie said...

The floor looks awesome! Good job Mama! Also, we too love our swingset that our previous owners left. The baby swing is the best thing ever for my kids too!

Anonymous said...

that floor looks GREAT!

The Carrels said...

Love the black and white floor! I can't wait until we have a yard for a swingset... :)

Lost in Space said...

Very impressive. The floor looks great! Home Depot should hire you. (-;

So glad the girls are both enjoying the play-set. It looks like a pretty magical place to be for Paprika.

Jackson and Charlies' Granny said...

The floors turned out great.

I think the swingset also doubles as a fairy princess castle judging by the pictures :)

In short order you have turned this house into their home.

I love that smiles are so contagious in your family.

FourJedis said...

Love the floors, the swingset, the easter egg hunt, the girls. Great times you guys are having!