Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Newest Project

My newest project is the scanning and archiving of all of my mom's photo albums. It's a big project, but a lot of fun. I am putting all the photos into acid-free archival quality photo albums and scanning all the photos so we have a digital record of them. Every spare second I get, I'm either scanning, cropping in Photoshop, or putting pictures into albums. Lately my time has been really limited because all I have are the few moments when Paprika goes down for her nap. And those naps are dwindling by the day. I love having Mr. Mustard home, of course, but when he was gone, I had my lonely evenings with nothing to do but scan. Now that he's home we want to spend time together, of course, so it's more difficult to squeeze in my scanning time!

It's been really interesting to see the family resemblance between my grandma, my mom, me, and Paprika.

Here are a few highlights:

Me, Age 1:

Me (in the pink sleeper):

Me, age 2, with my mom:

My mom, age 1:

My mom, age 1, with my grandma:

My grandma:

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