Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Ultrasound Today!

The appointment went very well. They are definitely identical and share one placenta. So far there are no placental issues- both babies are relatively the same size (Baby A is 7 oz., Baby B is 6 oz.) The doctor said that I am going to be monitored VERY closely from now on, and will be seeing him or the perinatologist every two weeks- so I see the perinatologist next, then my doc, etc. which is good news.

He said I will LIKELY go on bedrest, and that I will probably need to cancel my travel plans (we had scheduled a vacation in early August to Florida, Indiana, and Chicago). That was a bummer to hear, but I sort of expected it. I have already been having a lot of pressure, backache, stomach tightening, etc.- and those are signs I need to take it easier than I have been- so a cross country trek is probably not a great idea (although maybe things will change by August- hopefully they will!)

Good news is that right now my cervix is long and closed- yea! and babies appear to both be doing well.

The tech was not great at getting pictures- she got one of baby B (upside down) and one of Baby A (which is a good profile)- but NO other shots...I wasn't really focused on the pictures, though because I was too busy asking her a million questions related to the ultrasound (like cord placement, doppler flow, how many vessels going into the placenta, etc.)

Baby A:

Baby B:

Afterwards I had a GREAT lunch with Lauren at Urth Cafe on Melrose. It was so wonderful catching up with her! Pat watched Paprika and they had a wonderful time together. That made me feel good.

So, that's all the news that's fit to print today! A great day overall! We have so much for which to be grateful. Smiles all around!

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