Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staying Cool!

We had a VERY hot weekend- temps were in the 100s. We stayed home (mostly) and kept cool in Paprika's kiddie pool. She had a blast!

Mr. Mustard and I have found a fantastic babysitter- she's only here for the summer (home from college)- but we finally have our Saturday night dates back! Paprika thinks she's tops and had a wonderful time playing with her for a few hours while Mr. Mustard and I snuck away for dinner and a movie. Our first night out (two weeks ago), we went to Sushi Roku and had a luxurious meal and then went to Barnes and Noble and read books together. This past weekend we hit El Cholo for Mexican food, and then went to see Indiana Jones (since Mr. Mustard hadn't seen it yet). It was great to have that time together, and Paprika did not miss us one bit. We missed her, though. Even when I'm only away from Paprika for a few hours, I really really miss her. But, I think it's important to have alone time as a couple every once in awhile. These past two Saturdays we've had a date night, but prior to that it had been many, many, many months since we'd had an evening out together. So, it was time!

I am with Paprika from the time she wakes up in the morning til the time she goes to bed, every single day! Ann says that Paprika thinks of me like a refrigerator- always there when you need it, and when it goes away, you really miss it- but when it's there it's just there! I think that's sort of a good analogy. Paprika definitely notices when I'm gone, but as long as I'm within eyeshot, she's comfortable to explore and do her own independent thing.

I can't get enough of Paprika, of course, and think everything she does is the most miraculous thing EVER! Maybe I am biased, a bit? No! :-)

On Sunday we went to Matt and Juliane's housewarming party in Burbank. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Paprika had a wonderful time exploring the house and did not want to leave (of course)!

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