Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun at the Children's Museum!

Today we went to our local Children's Museum. We have been there a few times before, including last week when Sarah and Zane were visiting. Paprika's favorite thing to do at the museum is painting and drawing with chalk. The best part is that when she paints at the Children's Museum, I don't have to clean up! At home, we've mostly been sticking to drawing with crayons, so getting to run wild with paint is a pretty fun adventure.

Paprika at her "easel" (water washes over it every few minutes-very convenient!):

They had this really neat product called Floam at the museum today, and Paprika loved making it into scultpures and feeling it between her fingers. It's like foam, but it's made up of tiny balls that stick together. Pretty cool!

Paprika with the Floam:

There are lots of fun water activities, but today Paprika did NOT want to get wet, despite the fact that it was very hot outside. She did, however, enjoy splashing her hands in the sink and getting clean when she was finished with her art projects!

Cleaning Up:

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