Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exciting News!

Things have been really exciting around our house lately!

First, I am happy to announce that the book I wrote with Jessica has been picked up by a major publisher! We get our own editor, a cover designer, marketing muscle, not to mention an advance and royalties! And the best part is, the publisher is paying for everything. The book should be out by September of 2008, making it my second book to be published in less than a year. :-)

Mr. Mustard has been offered his dream job (well, one of his dream jobs!). He is going to be editing the pilot of Top Gear, which is a British show they're bringing to the US. He LOVES the British show and is very excited to work on the American version. He starts July 1 and is thrilled!

Finally, I found Paprika a fantastic preschool starting in September. It's very flexible, close to our house, has an awesome program, and I know she'll just love it. It's for three hours in the morning, and if that's too much time for her, I can always pick her up early or take her out of the program. I think it's going to work out GREAT, though. I will be going to doctor's appointments ALL THE TIME by then, and instead of carting her along and having her be miserable at my appointments, she'll get to have fun and I'll get to have a peaceful doctor's visit! Best of both worlds. Yea!!!!

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