Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

So far we're having a very wonderful, very relaxing Labor Day weekend. Mr. Mustard was in Chicago for most of last week, and finally got home late Friday night. Paprika was SO happy to see Mr. Mustard on Saturday. She squealed "dadadadada" when she saw him. We have been relaxing this weekend, and doing a bit of window shopping for our townhouse.

Paprika and I met up with my new friend and her daughter on Friday morning- and we hit it off so well! It's fantastic to have met them- and they live so close- only a few blocks from us. We had a wonderful time at the playground, and then had drinks at Starbucks. The mom and I share a lot of the same parenting philosophies, which is absolutely refreshing.

I bought Paprika some new, pink curtains on Friday afternoon and installed them. The curtains turned out to be a disaster, though, because instead of blocking light, I found that they actually amplified the sunlight. So, Saturday morning at sunrise, Paprika started screaming from being woken up by the sun. She is not an early-riser. I had to take down the new curtains, install the old ones, and then put her back down to sleep--and then she slept til after 11am. From this experience, I found out that she does NOT like being woken up before her time.

Yesterday (Saturday), we went window shopping at Ikea. We actually found some things we wanted to buy (including a bed frame for our Queen bed), but when we got down to the warehouse to purchase the bed, we discovered that the warehouse was unairconditioned. It was probably over 100 degrees inside the store. None of us appreciate the heat, and Paprika started getting really upset, so we left. Later, we went to Crate and Barrel to window shop, and again, we found out that the airconditioning was broken in the store. Again, it was probably about 100 degrees in the store. At that point, we gave up trying to shop, and decided to go to dinner instead. We had an awesome sushi dinner. Paprika had her first bit of sushi. We fed her some Inari (bean curd), which she absolutely loved. She was the belle of the restaurant.

Today we had brunch with Jessica and Matt- it's always so great seeing them. Paprika kept herself busy showing us how non-babyproofed their apartment is.

Paprika also had a big milestone today- she learned how to kiss! Now when we tell her to give us a kiss, she plants her face directly on ours. It's so precious!

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