Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun Weekend At The Zoo!

We had an awesome time this weekend with Paprika at the Zoo! She loved being carried around on our backs and looking at all the animals. We went in the late afternoon on Saturday, so we missed most of the crowds and the heat. Then, Saturday night, we all went to Chipotle and chowed down on some yummy burritos!

Today was Paprika's very first Kindermusik class. It's a music class for infants and toddlers where we sing songs, dance, and listen to music. She loved it! Today there were three other babies Paprika's age in the class, so she had fun playing with them. One baby was even chasing her around the room. So much fun!

Paprika is now taking a few steps at a time. She still prefers to crawl to get places quickly, but she also loves being on her feet and cruising. When she gets a little bravery worked up, she takes a few steps here and there!

In other news, we are exploring the very real possibility that Paprika may be allergic to something (or someone) in our house. She is exhibiting all the signs of having a pet allergy- watery eyes, stuffed up nose, sneezing, trouble breathing, etc. We have already bought an air purifier and are doing our best to make our home as dust and dander-free as possible. I am also going to eliminate dairy from her diet (right now she eats yogurt and cheese), to see if that will help. It's pretty miserable in that she cannot breathe through her nose, which makes it hard for her to sleep and nurse. We're hoping that she's not allergic to Meg or Hauser and that the problem will go away soon. I will keep you updated!

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