Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun With Mommy's Purse!

Paprika can keep herself entertained for quite awhile by searching the contents of my purse. Sometimes I even hide little toys in there for her to find, which she loves!

We have been having a pretty laid back pre-Labor day weekend kind of a week. Paprika and I met another mom with her 17 month old daughter at the park yesterday. They were really nice, and the mom is someone who, coincidentally, used to work for the same television production company I used to work for! We worked there at different times, though, and in different divisions, so our paths never crossed. Anyway, we are meeting up again tomorrow, which should be lots of fun! Paprika really hit it off with her daughter.

Paprika is starting to repeat everything, and even said the name "Isabella" the other day when we met a baby by that name! Paprika is now standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, and is a super-fast crawler. She can be across the room in a matter of seconds!

Paprika has such a gentle spirit, and is incredibly giving. I always thought that children were supposed to be selfish, but Paprika displays none of that. She always wants to feed me (or Hauser!) instead of taking food for herself. She is always giving me her toys, patting me on the leg to show me things, and offering me her sippy cup--even when I know she is thirsty. Perhaps this stage will not last, but I am enjoying it while it is here.

She is a very clever girl, and remembers everything! For example, about a week ago at dinner, there was a song playing in the background. Mr. Mustard and I started clapping to the song (basically to distract Paprika from wanting to leave the dinner table). Today, randomly, the same song came on and Paprika, unprompted, started clapping to the song. She put two and two together and remembered that it was THIS particular song that we clapped to a week ago, and then decided to clap to it herself. I didn't even remember that until she started doing it. What can I say, she amazes me-- daily!

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