Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Adventurous!

Paprika is into everything in sight- even the fridge! :-)
Paprika has a stuffed up nose right now and doesn't want to eat anything at all. She's also really reluctant to nap. This has made the past few days of my life very challenging. Now I'm thinking that she may not have a pet allergy, and is just fighting a little bit of a cold. Being that she has (thankfully) been such a healthy baby and has basically never been sick (and still she's never had a fever), this is all new to me.
I never think that she's getting sick because her usual state is perfect health! I've been making her bananas with flax, which she will sometimes eat. I have the humidifier in her room cranked up and am letting the steam in her bathroom clear out her nasal passages. Hopefully this passes quickly and she's back to her old self asap!

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