Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Deuce Coupe!

Paprika now has her very first set of wheels! We bought her the same car that she plays with at the indoor playground- and she LOVES it! The box arrived in the mail on Tuesday, and as soon as she saw the box, she knew exactly what it was. She was gleeful and giddy, and wanted to sit next to the box all day long.

We waited until Mr. Mustard got home from work for her to open up the box, and it was definitely worth the wait. She was so excited when we pulled the car out of the box. It took some assembly to put it together, and Paprika was very patient through the whole process. As soon as it was set up, though, it became very obvious that she wanted to go for a ride!

We have never seen her so happy about receiving a gift. She even kissed us both to say thank you. Now when she rides in the car, she doesn't want to get out--ever! Riding around the block in her very own car is definitely her favorite thing to do! She honks the horn, listens to music, turns the key, shifts the gears, and puts both hands on the steering wheel. It's pretty awesome!

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