Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Almost 13 Months!

Paprika is back to her sleep schedule, after an exhausting few days up in Santa Barbara. Thank goodness! She still wakes up a few times a night- but that's okay. I actually enjoy waking up to cuddle with her in the middle of the night.

Paprika is so close to walking- she now stands on her own for good stretches of time (10 seconds, maybe) and loves holding both our hands and walking. She can also cruise really quickly between pieces of furniture and can walk holding on one-handed.

Paprika is starting to eat a little more solid food on a daily basis. She is still nursing about 10 times/day, though! She is nowhere near ready to give that up. Her favorite solid foods are bagels with cream cheese and banana yogurt. That's basically all she wants to eat. She's not a fan of fruits or veggies- so I am getting creative about how I offer them to her. Thank goodness we're still breastfeeding so much- at least I know she's getting great nutrition from that!

I took these pictures yesterday- when she decided it would be fun to crawl into her toy bin by herself. Then she got stuck and couldn't get out! Luckily, mommy was there to rescue her!
Hey, this is fun!:

Uh-oh, I'm stuck!:
Get Me Out of Here!:
All Better!:

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