Thursday, August 10, 2006


Yesterday was our three year anniversary. We planned on going out to dinner, but by the time Mr. Mustard got home from work, I was feeling really exhausted and dizzy. Sort of like when you stand up and the whole room starts spinning dizzy. I laid down for awhile, and then we decided to order in Thai food and make it an at-home movie night.

As part of Mr. Mustard's present, I bought him Fight Club- which is a movie he's been wanting to own for awhile now. So, after he opened his present, we watched that and made popcorn while waiting for dinner to arrive. Even though we didn't get to go out, we still had lots of fun and made it a mellow, low-key sort of an evening. We probably won't have many quiet nights like that in the next few months, so it was good to get to spend that alone time together!

I started feeling some abdominal pain last night, accompanied by the dizziness, so I thought it might be labor. But, no cigar. Today I feel totally normal, except that my feet are really swollen again and I feel the urge to lie down whenever I get the chance. It's hard because I always want to be up and doing something, but I know that it really is best for me to get my rest now. So, I'm enjoying these last few days of waiting. Even so, I'm still on pins and needles every time I feel a weird pain or movement. I am really excited to meet our little one!

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