Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Three Year Anniversary!

Today is Mr. Mustard and my three year wedding anniversary! Wow- time has really flown! We have been together almost 6 years total, including our 3 years of dating. I can't believe everything that's happened in the last three years- it's been so exciting. I was hoping that our little girl would be born today- what a great anniversary present that would be! Today is the full moon, so a lot of people are predicting that she will come today- but so far, no such luck! She's taking her time in there, which is okay by me.

Last night Mr. Mustard and I went to see "The Devil Wears Prada"- it was a great movie. I think we're going to try to go out to dinner tonight and see another movie. We're getting it all in now since in a week or two we'll be staying home a lot more. We still have to see Superman, and I want to see Talladega Nights. :-)

Yesterday, I made my IPod playlist for the birth. We're bringing our IPod sound dock to the hospital, so I made a good playlist with lots of different kinds of music- mellow, upbeat, etc. Nothing too harsh- just music that will make me happy. I still need to pack my hospital bag! I don't know why I've been procrastinating so much on that. I think it's because I need all of my cosmetics and toiletries, so I don't want to pack those yet- and I only have about TWO things that fit me anymore, so I don't want to pack my clothes til the last minute. I figure we'll have a little warning and I can throw something together in the moment. Of course, if I get a chance later today maybe I'll put a bag together.

I also set up Doggy Daycare for Hauser yesterday. We had to take him in for an interview last week, which he passed with flying colors. It's a cage free facility and he's going to absolutely love it. It's sort of like summer camp for dogs. I called yesterday and told them about our situation. If we have the chance, we can bring him in when I go into labor. Otherwise, they do pick-ups, which is great. They are just down the street. I'm really glad he's going to have a fun place to be while we're at the hospital!

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