Monday, August 21, 2006

Home From the Hospital!

Paprika is now 5 days old. We are home from the hospital and everything is going great so far. She is a bit of a night owl and likes to sleep all day long (like her mom) and party all night. She is a wonderful baby- so perfect and sweet! We are so incredibly lucky and blessed- not a second goes by that we don't realize it. We are still catching up on everything- from email to simply downloading pictures. We have a bunch more pictures from after the hospital- but we haven't transferred them over. We will be doing that in the next few days, time permitting! Mr. Mustard has at least this week off of work- and possibly will have two more weeks off after that, which is just wonderful. He is in love with Paprika as much as I am and doesn't want to EVER go back to work- but I suppose he will have to.

In other news, on Saturday Mr. Mustard won an Emmy for Best Non-Fiction Picture Editing! He was surprised to win two years in a row! Go Mr. Mustard! He is so talented! We are SO proud of him- he definitely deserves it!

Here are a few more pictures- all taken shortly after birth (within a few hours or minutes). I will update with more photos once we figure out how to get the photos off of our new camera digital card.

Edited to add: UGH!!! The Photo Uploader isn't working right now- I'll try again later today to post the photos- so frustrating!!!!

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