Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Celeb Encounters

In the past week, I've had three celeb sightings.

The first two were last week when I got my hair cut at the Beverly Center:
1) Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives
2) Donatella Versace

The Eva Longoria sighting was pretty cool because it adds to my Desperate Housewives roster. When Ann was in town last time, we saw Felicity Huffman and ended up talking to her for awhile. But, we didn't realize who she was until after the conversation ended and someone came up to us and said, "do you know who that was?!" Well, neither one of us did until that point and then a light bulb went off...and then we ended up stalking her around the mall. Well, not stalking, but following just to make sure we were correct.

The third sighting in the last week came when my mom was in town and we saw Kelly Osbourne at the beach. Mr. Mustard happened to have out the camera to take pictures of me and my mom, so he snapped a few photos really quickly. Then today I saw online that the papparazzi had been there and had also taken pictures.

I met Jack Osbourne about four years ago (pre-weightloss) at a club on the Sunset Strip- so now I guess I just have to meet the parents to make this star sighting complete. Los Angeles is such a weird place. It's funny to see celebrities (even D-list ones like Kelly Osbourne) and know who they are, especially when they're not known for anything except being famous. It's very strange.

About two weeks ago, Mr. Mustard and I ran into a star of a reality show that never aired. Mr. Mustard edited the show- and I was there for a lot of it because I was working on the Bachelor at the same studio. So, Mr. Mustard and I both know a GREAT deal about this guy- I mean, Mr. Mustard and I have both watched countless hours of this guy's life- from his love life, to seeing his family, etc. Of course, no one else has ever seen the footage because it never aired. So, we saw him on the street and went up to him. He was exactly like he was in the footage. It was strange to know so much about a person and have him not know anything about us. For example, we knew all about his breakup with his girlfriend, where he was from, what job he had, etc. Instead of being freaked out by it, he was really psyched that we had worked on the show and wanted to know when it would air. It's a very strange world here!

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