Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Emmy Party- 38 Weeks 3 Days

Last night Mr. Mustard and I went to an Emmy Party for the Outstanding Picture Editing Nominees. It was on the top floor of the Hotel Angeleno, and had an amazing view of the city. It was muy swanky- lots of appetizers and cocktails. Of course, I didn't have any cocktails- just cranberry juice. Towards the end of the party, they brought the nominees up on stage and gave Mr. Mustard a certificate for his nomination. Everyone applauded- and when they did, the baby started moving up and down like she was applauding! It was very cool.

Earlier in the day, I went shoe shopping and picked up some last minute baby items from Target. I had absolutely no shoes to wear because my feet are so swollen. So, after I dropped my mom off at the airport, I went to Target and looked for some shoes that would be acceptable. Since I probably will only be wearing these shoes for another week or two, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I am usually a size 7 1/2 or 8- and the only shoes that would fit me were a size 10 (snugly) or a size 11!!

My mom's trip was a big success. We got lots of baby stuff done- and also had some good mother-daughter bonding time. Last Friday was spent going to the doctor's office, and my mom was there to help me out- which was much appreciated! Over the weekend, we managed to set up the bassinet and rearrange the furniture in our bedroom to accomodate everything. It was a big job! Mom also did lots of cleaning, which was very helpful! Now, all we need is the baby and everything is complete!

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