Friday, August 11, 2006

False Labor Excitement

Last night Mr. Mustard and I decided to go see Superman Returns when he got home from work. He has been working so much on his current show that he didn't get home until around 9:00, so as soon as he walked in the door, we headed back out to the movie since it started at 9:30.

The baby has a history of being really active whenever we go to the movies- I think it's the Dolby Digital Surround Sound that does it. So, she was doing her usual moving all over the place, especially during the big sound effects parts. All of a sudden I started having really painful contractions. I didn't want to spoil the movie for Mr. Mustard so I didn't say anything, but silently started timing them. They were pretty far apart- maybe 7 or 8 minutes- so I wasn't too concerned. I knew that if my water broke, that would definitley be a sign to get up and leave the movie. But what I was feeling were more sharp, jabbing, rhythmic pains.

After the movie, we had to get up and walk out (obviously) and the pain and pressure became much more intense. I told Mr. Mustard about it and we decided to start officially timing the contractions. Mr. Mustard rushed home as I was sort of yelling "ooh- ahh!" each time I got a painful set of contractions or a jab.

All day long the animals had been really attentive to me. Meg followed me around all day meowing at me. Hasuer, who is usually oblivious, was very nice to me on both of our walks during the day. He didn't pull at the leash at all and kept circling back to me as we were walking. So, I thought maybe they knew something that I didn't know.

Well, we walked into the apartment after the movie only to find that our little angel, Hauser, had knocked over the very full garbage can and had evenly distributed its contents throughout the apartment. It was a nightmare- very disgusting trashy stuff. It was very strange because Hauser never does that anymore. When we first got him a year ago, he did that a few times, but in the past 8 months, it hasn't been an issue at all. Usually when he does something wrong when we're gone he acts really contrite, even if it's just a minor thing. Well, this time he was laying on the bed looking perfectly pleased with himself and not in the least bit sad about his latest contribution.

I was at this point in a lot of pain, so Mr. Mustard told me to go lie down. I tried to help Mr. Mustard clean up the mess, but he would have none of that. There was a lot of trash- and I do mean a lot of it. Mr. Mustard cleaned up the whole thing while I laid down- I felt so bad for him. I think he deserves the husband of the year award for that. I got the online contraction timer going and started timing officially. The contractions were strong, but not getting any closer together, so I figured it was probably just a tease and not the real thing. After Mr. Mustard cleaned everything up, he made me a sandwich and brought it to me in bed. It was the best! I'm so lucky.

Hauser of course got a good scolding and was put into time out for the rest of the evening. I love that dog so much but sometimes I just want to strangle him!

After that, we went to bed and I continued to have pains but decided to just try to sleep through them. I did my usual of waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours, and by 5 this morning, I wasn't feeling anymore contractions at all. So, I guess it was false labor after all!

My doctor is going on a trip out of town starting today- and won't be back until Tuesday, so if it does happen this weekend, the timing won't be great since I want him to deliver the baby. Of course, at this point, I know I really don't have any say in the matter, anyway! She's coming when she wants to!

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