Monday, August 28, 2006

Things Are Going Great

Life is good, what can I say? Paprika is blending in well to the family. Mr. Mustard went to all of the big Emmy parties last night while Paprika and I watched the broadcast on TV. Mr. Mustard got a big gift bag from the Entertainment Weekly party at the Sky Bar and met a bunch of celebs. Seal tried to steal Mr. Mustard's Emmy to give it to wife Heidi Klum (since her show Project Runway lost to the Amazing Race). He also met Jeremy Piven, Jerry Bruckheimer, Lauren Holly, Kathy Griffin, and a bunch of people from the cast of Deadwood and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Mr. Mustard also went to the HBO party and met up with all of his comrades from The Amazing Race. I think he had a good time- he definitely deserved to go after all of his hard work on the show. :-)

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