Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up!


It's the Weekend!  Well, almost...I'm counting the hours until Mr. M comes home from work.  Right now he's working on Top Gear (the TV show) - and has his weekends (Saturday/Sunday) mostly off work.  But in a few weeks, he'll start back on Dancing With The Stars, and then our "weekends" will be Monday/Tuesday.  He also has a few side shows he works on from time-to-time and sometimes movies, so the schedule is anything but predictable.

That is one of the reasons I am so glad we are homeschooling!  We can be much more flexible and adapt as a family to ever-changing work schedules!  ;-)

The BIG thing I did today was un-enroll Ginger from Preschool for the Fall!  It felt like taking a big leap - even though it was just a phone call.  We lost our deposit (boo!) - but more than that, it was one of the first decisive steps I've taken down this homeschool path.  It felt a little like the point of no return (even though I know it's not!)

Here is a post I wrote last week about why we are homeschooling Ginger...


Baby Violet's vocabulary is exploding!  Usually I like to make the Green Juice myself - but today she ran up to me and kept saying:  Help!  Me Help!

So, I couldn't resist!

Today marks ONE WEEK since I quit Coke for a year.  Here is the post I wrote earlier this week about breaking up with Coke.  Overall, I am still really craving it and not in a happy place about having Coke out of my life.  But, I'll get through it.  I've done harder things before...

Start 'em young...

One thing I've been trying that's new this week is to take a short walk right when Mr. M gets home from work.  The girls get SO EXCITED to see him when he comes home.  I am usually at the end of a frayed rope by then - and ready for a moment of peace.  He usually gets home from work at 8pm or later, and by that time I just need a break!

A few times this week, I've grabbed my jacket and gone for a quick walk around the block (or farther) - even just 10 minutes gives me time to clear my head, and gives him time to connect with the girls.  Then when I come back, I feel refreshed, and I feel in a much better head space to get back to work!  ;-)


Another thing I've done this week more than most is just stop to breathe and notice moments like this one.  Sometimes when I feel like I have to rush or we "have" to do this or that subject (Math) - I will look over and see the girls playing and just let them play!  There is always time for school, but moments like these are fleeting and precious:


Another thing I've been working on is to let creative play happen and not worry about the mess!  On this night, Mr. M had taken Paprika to work with him (he was editing the Kris Jenner show) - and I was home with Ginger and Violet.  They wanted to make a fort out of the dining room table, and I let them stay up way too late.  But oh, what fun they had!


So, that's my big take-away from this week.  More breathing, more fun, more noticing, and less shoulds and have-to's.  ;-)

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Lost in Space said...

Love this. I always love your pictures, but that last one has to be one of my favorites. Diaper butt, little legs, sippy on the floor. It is your "right now" and it is some pretty good stuff. ;)

Good for you for taking a little time for yourself. It is much needed.

Mimi said...

So sweet story re Violet! She really loves to be in the middle of everything, doesn't she!
I agree that we all need to be "in the moment" and savour it...time passes so very quickly.