Tuesday, August 27, 2013



A few highlights from last week:

First - I got my hair 'did for the first time in...oh, about 18 months.  It was TIME!

And, to be punny...I got highlights - it was a highlight of my weekend, for sure.  ;-)


Most of these next pictures were taken while Paprika was at swim team practice.  Every day, pretty much no matter what, the two littlest get an hour to RUN at the park.  They love it!



She likes to boogie...



This next picture was taken during a game of hide and go seek last week when we spent most of the day at the park (Paprika included).  The girls met three other little girls and they had a great time playing.  Baby Violet always finds the best  hiding spots! ;-)

Hide and go seek

Ginger rolling down the grassy hill - one of her favorite things to do!


Violet (age 21 months) made friends with this little girl who was almost 4.  Can you tell they are the same height?

I think Violet even has a few pounds on her.  That's my 99th percentile for height and weight baby.  We call her "Big Baby" around here - you know, like in Toy Story 3?


Feeding the ducks while Paprika is at swim team practice:

Best friends...

Slide racing:

Slide racing...

Smelling the flowers:

Flower child...

The End!

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Ann said...

Love your hair, pretty lady!