Friday, August 2, 2013

Odds and Ends!


Wednesday and Thursday - lots of trips to the park.

Swim team practice for Paprika:

Goofing off at swim team...

Ginger, Violet, and I did a lot of waiting around at Swim Team Practice.  ;-)


But not a dull moment with this duo.  They had a great time dancing in the grass, playing Ring Around the Rosie, chasing one another in a good game of tag...


And exploring together, hand in hand:


Ginger sleeping.  Watching her sleep never gets old (to me!):

Park Day Thursday.  We played a whole lot of Hide and Go Seek.  Then when we were done, we played Hide The Shoe (one person hides their shoe and we all look for it).

When we were playing Hide and Seek, Paprika kept shouting out clues from her hiding spot.  Then when I would go to find the girls, they would sneak to a new hiding spot - and then shout out clues for me to find them.  At one point, Paprika hid behind a rock climbing wall, and she yelled out:  I'm behind the Oblique Line Segment Climbing Wall!

I had to laugh because she was studying oblique line segments last week in Math - and yes, when I looked at it - it did look like an oblique line segment...and also an inclined plane (but we're not studying physics yet!)  ;-)

Love summer!

Violet always gives up the hiding places during Hide and Go Seek.  She's supposed to be hiding, but instead, she'll go over to whoever is seeking and "help" them find the hider by pointing and running to the spot.  Haha!


Paprika has had the same clothes forever!  Some of these dresses she's been wearing since we moved here three and a half years ago - so, since she was 3!  I'm doing a lot of capris and shorts underneath, and well - she loves I guess you could say we got our money's worth!  ;-)


This is currently Ginger's favorite dress.  You might notice that she wears it every single day.  She never wants to take it off!  Which is fine by me since a year ago I couldn't get her to wear clothes at all!

Ginger's style is different from Paprika's.  I always thought I would pass clothes down to Ginger from Paprika, and some I can - but Ginger really has her own taste.  She is pretty stylish, this one.  She loves super girly dresses and all things frou frou.  And leopard print.  Lots of leopard print!


Paprika has been working with Ginger on her reading and her math.  If I give Ginger the choice to work on reading or to work on math, she will always choose math.  Always!  But, of course, Paprika will always choose reading.  So, they make a great pair because they end up switching off and working on both together - and they both end up happy and learning something.  Ginger has been watching Paprika do her 3rd Grade Math Lessons and is catching on.  Oh boy!


And, today (Friday) marks ONE WEEK without Coke!  Thanks for all the sweet comments and messages about that - I had to laugh and it made me feel good to know I'm not alone in this craziness!  I am still craving a Coke (badly) - but I hope that it will get better.  It WILL get better, right?!!!

The End.

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RC said...

I quit red can coke almost 4 years ago. I still drink coke zero but I'm starting to wean myself off of it too. Recently I was on an overseas trip and only had red can available. I took one swig and wanted to spit it out. It tasted TERRIBLE. You will get through this. I promise. Think of all the money you will save. :)))