Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pictures Lie!


Sometimes pictures just don't tell the whole story.  Sometimes photos lie just a little bit - because you never really take photos of the parts of your day you don't want to remember, right?  (Or maybe that's just me).

On this day (Monday) - we went to the park, which is the part of the day I'd like to remember most.  It's also pretty much the only time during the day I took any photos.

But here's what also happened:

Mr. M worked until 2 am - so I was flying solo with the girls from morning until the wee hours.

After the park, Paprika had her piano lesson - and Ginger did not want to get IN the van to go, and then did not want to get OUT of the van once we were there.  She also didn't want to wear clothes. ;-)  Violet, on the other hand, wanted to run up and down the halls and scream at the top of her lungs.

At dinner, Violet threw a glass across the kitchen and it shattered into a thousand pieces.  After I cleaned up the glass, but before I mopped up the water, she came running back into the kitchen and slipped.

Later that night, I took Daisy outside to go to the bathroom.  Daisy ran to the back of the yard, and just then I saw two beady little eyes staring back at me.  A skunk!  The skunk sprayed Daisy right in the face, and Daisy STILL wanted to be friends with the skunk.  So, I brought Daisy in the house to keep her away from the skunk.

As I walked inside the house - barefoot - I stepped on a piece of glass that I had missed cleaning up earlier that night.  I had a riled up skunky dog, and now a piece of glass in my foot.  I got most of the glass out, but there are still a few small pieces I'm feeling days later every step I take.

So, now Daisy was inside - but she was stinking up the whole house.  I read online to leave her outside overnight - so I tried that but she started barking (and I love my neighbors and would not want to wake them up!)  So, inside she came.  She sleeps in my bedroom in a crate next to my bed, so yep- she slept right next to me with a face full of skunk smell. I was too tired to bathe her in tomato juice, as the website also suggested.

By that time, it was about 1am, and Ginger came downstairs to sleep in my bed.  But then she smelled the skunk smell and started crying because it smelled so awful!  It took an hour to get her back to sleep.

Mr. M got home a little after 2am - I waited up for him...and well, I was awake anyway.  When I finally got to bed around 2:40, guess who came waddling right downstairs?   Miss Violet, of course!

So, that meant Mr. M went upstairs to get some good quality rest, and I went back to bed with the skunky dog, Ginger and a very awake Violet.  Good times!  ;-)

Here are some other pictures from the day:

Paprika's math lesson - she will only write her numbers fancy with swirls, so you can guess how long it takes her to do a math problem.  ;-)

Even math becomes art...

After we did the rest of Paprika's homeschool lessons, I let her try out Scratch (a computer programming language).  She LOVED working on Scratch and couldn't pry herself away from the computer.  After a few hours, she knows more about computer programming than I probably ever will.  Ha!

(This is a picture of her playing Minecraft last week - I put it here because it is computer-ish):


Paprika did NOT want to leave after she got going on Scratch, but I was going out of my mind keeping Violet out of trouble in the house, and I knew we all needed some fresh air.  Park trip sounded like a good idea.

I finally got everyone out of the house to go to the park  (two diaper changes, four wardrobe changes, and three snacks later) - and then the park we decided to go to was closed down for the day.  So, we went to a different park - and  it took us FOREVER to find parking.

While I was putting the little girls' shoes on, I let Paprika go ahead into the park by herself (it is small and fenced) - and I told her I'd be right there.

90 seconds later, I went into the park, and Paprika had disappeared!


I could not find her anywhere.  My heart fell into my stomach - and then...then...about a minute later (which seemed like an eternity), I found her face down in the sand, crying.

She sobbed:   Why, why, why had I made her leave her computer when she was finally getting to learn Scratch computer programming?   She had waited her whole life for this moment and now I had made her stop?!

So, for 95% of the time we were at the park, she laid on the ground (face down) and talked to herself about the programs she was going to execute once we got home...

Violet had a great time doing scary feats - like climbing everything she wasn't supposed to, and in general terrifying me.  I spent a lot of time holding her while she attempted to do Cirque du Soleil moves on the playground.


Ginger had a great time at the park.  This is her favorite park - she would probably pitch a tent and live here if she could...


And then...just a few more pics from the day (parts I want to remember):

Violet blowing kisses at the park:

Kiss! :-)

Ginger going down the slide five billion times and getting so excited to "zap" me with static electricity when she got to the bottom:


Skunky Daisy being the coolest dog ever - and even though she STILL smells like a skunk, she really doesn't care as long as she's near us:

Guess who tried to make friends with a skunk and got sprayed in the face?

Paprika getting her face out of the sand and playing with her sisters:


My sweet Ginger falling asleep in my bed - I know someday she'll sleep in her own bed - so for now, I am  grateful I get to be next to her when she's in dreamland.  Does it get any sweeter?!


So, that was JUST Monday!  ;-)  People sometimes wonder what the heck I do all day - and there's your answer!

If I have any free time, I will be bathing my dog with tomato juice and picking glass out of my foot with a set of tweezers.

The End.

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Ann said...

I don't know how you slept with a skunk sprayed Daisy in your room! We've had a couple of skunk sprayed dogs and I could hardly breathe next to them outside. ;)

Paprika's numbers make me smile.