Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snapshots Of A Week!


A few snapshots from our week!

First up, a lazy day spent at the park.  We had the whole place to ourselves!  Score!



Scenes from my evening strolls around the neighborhood.



Violet discovered the Lego bin this week and has been obsessed!  Paprika played Legos with her quite a few times this week - but instead of building, Paprika takes the Lego pieces and makes them into characters in her plays.  She has endless little stories of "the Lego people..."


Violet loves to build.  And tear things apart once they are built!  Ha!

Legos...supervised, of course! ;)

Daily swim team practice.  Paprika loves it like nobody's business:


The peanut gallery! ;-)

The cheering section... :-)

Violet and Ginger spend the hour of practice playing in the park, or dancing in the grass outside the pool.

Waiting at swim practice...

Another day, another practice!  ;-)

A girl and her shadow...

Everyone else is doing freestyle, and Paprika is doing backstroke.  Why?  Because it's so relaxing.  (That's what she said!  Ha!)

My child would be the one doing backstroke.  ;-)

Paprika ate a whole piece of watermelon on Thursday!  It was her first time ever eating a slice of watermelon - and she said it was:  very feisty!

Picky eater victory! First slice of watermelon ever. She says it tastes feisty.

Violet on the swings while Paprika is at swim team practice.  This girl is LIFE!


I never get tired of watching this scene.  Always brings a smile to my face.


The End!


Ann said...

Another beautiful week...

I love how your 2 littles dance and play while waiting. Too cute.

How awesome is it that Paprika ate a piece of watermelon! So happy for both of you.

That sign is one of the oddest I have seen. Who volunteers that information anyway?! LOL. Only in CA. ;)

Shelly said...

Love the comment by Paprika that the watermelon was "feisty"! My kids have only tasted soda a few times so when we were at a party recently, one of my boys took a sip of Sprite and said, "ooooo, it is so SPICY!" Cracked me up...