Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Big Seven!


Paprika turned 7 on Friday.  She had a great birthday!  When she woke up, we sang her Happy Birthday and she had her birthday cupcake...chocolate with chocolate frosting, of course!  :-)

We also had birthday cake that night - and we also sang and blew out candles then (but those pictures are on my other camera - so they will have to wait!  Haha!)


Paprika was so excited about her birthday, she could not sleep AT ALL the nigh before.  Not one wink!  She stayed up all night long (seriously, all night).  I worried she'd be in a bad mood the next day, but nope!  Hardly even a yawn...


It's very exciting being seven years old, you know! ;-)

Happy 7th birthday to Annika Sweetheart! :-)

We decorated the house, of course!

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl. Seven years old...what?!!!

Paprika opened half her presents in the first part of the day.  And we saved a few to open with cake at the end of the night.

Mr. M came home early from work, and we decided to go to the beach!


My mom was visiting with us last week (she was here from Indiana!)  Here she is building sandcastles with Violet:


Me and sweet Ginger-Bear.  She had a great time building sandcastles, and she wanted to stay by my side the whole time.  She is such a sweetheart!


Paprika was so excited to get a boogie board for her birthday!  She has been asking for one for YEARS - so she was super excited when she opened her present.  She wanted to try it out right away (of course!)


After spending hours in the freezing cold water with Mr. M, it was time to go home.  But of course, the second Paprika got out of the water, she asked when she could come back!  Haha!  So we made it a beach weekend- and she got to go boogie boarding again on Saturday.

I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time at the beach with this little boogie boarder!  ;-)


That night, we had cake opened the rest of her presents - and Ginger got to open a present, too!  Paprika at that point hadn't slept in - oh- about 40 hours, but of course she was still not tired!  ;-)

Ginger and Paprika went to my bedroom to read books, and they were up until midnight at least.  I went in to turn out the lights, and what do you know - Paprika had fallen asleep!  Ginger was reading books to Paprika...I don't think she even noticed she was asleep!  Ha!

The End!


Mimi said...

Oh Happy Birthday Paprika! 7 is a beautiful age, so many exciting things to do.
She's getting really big and grown-up! And beautiful!
She sounds so like my eldest, especially the excitement and no sleeping...exactly the same! And no problem to get through the next day either!
Look forward to see the rest pf the photos!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Paprika! The big number 7! I love that you had a nice family day doing all the things she loves. Perfect birthday memories.

Kim said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Paprika! Such a sweet girl! I am never on here anymore. That is so awesome that you are homeschooling! I am so jealous!! We had so much fun last year homeschooling and I am not happy about Brennan going to school. Maybe someday I can homeschool again. Your girls are getting so big, so beautiful!