Friday, February 15, 2013

Things They Say!


 I know everyone thinks their kids say the cutest things - and I'm no exception. Haha.  I  really want to remember the fun things they're saying now, so I thought I'd write a few down for keeps.

Here are the girls playing Ring Around The Rosey with Mr. M - they think it's the most fun thing EVER.  Can you see the glee in Baby Violet's face?!


Pretty much everything Ginger says right now is adorable.  She's three, so that kinda goes with the territory, right?  From the way she sings to the way she talks, I just want to bottle it all up.

We play Mr. Rogers CDs in the car.  It's Fred Rogers singing/playing piano, and the CDs are fantastic.  I grew up listening to them on vinyl, and so I knew I had to get them for my kids.  They are a bit hard to find (you have to buy them here) - but well, worth it!  We have every CD...and play them in rotation.  We also have our share of Raffi and we listen to the Classical XM station - but mostly, it's Fred Rogers - the one thing we can all agree on.  Haha.

Anyway, Ginger is so serious when she sings the Mr. Rogers songs.  She doesn't want anyone else to sing them.  One of my favorite things right now is looking in the rearview mirror and seeing her little face and hearing her sweet voice.

We also have lots of long talks and Ginger cracks me up every time.  She keeps telling me that we used to have a dog (before Daisy) named Yogurt.  She loved Yogurt, but he ran away and he was lost.  But not to worry, he found a new family and he is happy now.  She is always telling me little stories about Yogurt - and all the crazy tricks he used to pull.

Except of course, we've never had a dog named Yogurt!  Hahaha.


Another funny thing is that she is always telling me that Mr. M doesn't go to work - instead, every day he goes to a baseball game.  I think she really thinks he goes to a baseball game each day - but well, Mr. M has pretty much NEVER been to a baseball game in his whole life except for one Dodger's game 7 years ago!


One of my favorite things is listening to Paprika and Ginger talking when they think I can't hear them. Paprika is always so sweet to her little sisters.

Last week I overheard Ginger (age 3) tell Paprika (age 6) that Ginger wants to be the first "girl" president. Paprika said, "You can do that, Ginger. But you need to learn about Bills. You need to know what they stand for, and if they're good you can pass them. But if they're not, you must veto them. It's your duty."

Where does she come up with it? 

Another funny Ginger-ism is that she is always saying, "I want to go outside and feel the wind in my hair!"


Last week, she saw a picture of Barack Obama and said, "Oh, that's our President...Barack Obama!" 

I was like:  How do you even know that???

Paprika is trying to teach Ginger how to read, and she is so patient with her. Everything was really quiet the other day, and I went into the kitchen and saw Paprika with a book trying to help Ginger sound out the letters. Paprika said: Ginger, I can teach you to read, but at some point, you're going to have to take responsibility. You're going to have to do it on your own. Don't be scared. I'll be here for you, but you've got to take these steps by yourself. No one can do it for you.

So now, every day, Paprika has been working with Ginger on her reading.  From teaching potty training to now reading, I'm outsourcing it all to Paprika. ;-) 


I can't wait for Violet to really start talking - I am sure she'll provide us with lots of little gems once she says more than:  Mama, Dada, AbuAbuAbujabu.  :-)


blondemom3boys said...

It's pretty adorable to read about the cute things the girls are now saying but what this blogger devotee wouldn't do just to hear a clip of sweet Ginger singing her heart out! Pleeeeeease?! ;)

Mimi said...

It's really lovely how well they get on together, and Paprika sets such a wonderful example of big sisterness.