Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Months of Baby Violet!


Violet is 14 months old.  Here's what she's up to!

She loves to draw and write with pens and pencils.  Sometimes I will catch her walking around, writing things down.  She is very intent on it, and I am just sure SHE knows what she's writing.  To-do lists?  A short story?  A poem?  Who knows!


She likes to eat everything - and is not picky at all.  She has a great gusto for life, which comes through in everything she does.  When she eats, she will tell you she's full by shaking her head no.  If she wants more food, she will laugh, smile, and nod her head "yes!"



When she's not pulling on me and asking to be held, she's right there in the mix with her big sisters.  She loves to burst into their bedroom in the morning and wake them up (they think it's funny) - and if they are sitting on a chair, she will come up behind them.  She is into everything!  Everything!  Busy, busy, busy.


Last week it rained a lot, so the girls spent a lot of time staring out the window, watching the rain.  Violet was so happy to sit in the windowsill with her sisters.    :-)

She is definitely babbling a lot, but not saying that many words.  She says: Mama, Dada, Daisy, Book, What's That?, Dog, Ball, and Please.  But she understands everything we say - and can follow pretty complex directions.  I have her go pick out her own clothes in the morning, brush her teeth, get her diaper/wipes, throw away the old diaper, get her shoes and socks, and help clean up.  She is one smart cookie...


Violet LOVES Daisy dog.  It will be interesting to see, but I think she has an extroverted personality and likes the excitement of our high energy doggie.  Violet likes to fall asleep listening to music, and when we were at Paprika's recital, her favorite performance was a drum solo! 


So, that's what's going on with Baby Violet - who isn't such a baby these days!  Love her to the moon and back.  :-)


The End.

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blondemom3boys said...

Love her spirit! She's such a doll!!