Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!


Today was Sugar, HFCS, and Red Dye 40 Day at Paprika's school! Oh, yes, I mean Valentine's Day. The photo above is her Valentine's Day card -  it's funny because I had intended on giving pencils with hearts on them instead of candy. But then the pencils wouldn't fit - so I went with a lollipop. And when I got to Target to buy Lollipops, they were all out except for Blow Pops with Red Dye 40.

In case you don't know, Red Dye 40 is a food additive known to cause behavioral problems (especially in kids) and is banned in many countries.  It's in a lot of food (Doritos, Gatorade, and other red things we don't eat in our house).  Paprika hasn't had it in years because it caused meltdowns for her - and well, she won't really eat anything with it in it anymore (except for M&M's) because she's still a super selective eater.

So even though Red Dye 40 isn't allowed in my house (Ginger and Violet have never even had it) - I sent Paprika off to school with a box full of Red Dye 40 suckers.   Yea, I'm that mom - because I figure if you can't beat them, join them.  Right?  Haha.

So, she came home with her little Valentine's Day box brimming with treats - and the thing is, even though most are full of Red Dye 40, she won't eat them anyway (she only eats chocolate treats) - so we're good.  I just have to hide them from Ginger!  ;-)


Anyhoo- here is the little mailbox we made last weekend.  We spray painted a shoe box, then added glitter glue and some scrapbooking decals. 

I hear that you have to make a little mailbox every year, so I am tempted to keep this one!  It should last a few grades, right?


I am on my second day of my Lenten challenge.  Of course, Valentine's Day has to be Day TWO of giving up sugar.  How cruel, right?  I had a little gluten-free granola this morning (it had honey...not sugar, so technically not cheating) - but then I became consumed with wanting to eat the whole bag, so I had to bring the rest to Paula's house (she's gluten-free). 

I am not feeling spiritually enlightened.  If anything, I just want a big box of chocolate and a glass of red wine.  Haha!

Oh, and here's a photo of Paprika reading "Love Is Walking Hand In Hand" - it's my favorite book from childhood, and I have no idea where the original copy is, so I bought it on Ebay because it's out of print.  But I just found out they are doing a new printing of it.  Yay!!!  Here's the link to the new edition, which was just released!

Anyway, it was sweet to see Paprika reading my little "love" book to her sisters.  (Even if there are parts more inappropriate than I remember) ;-)


Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

The End.

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Amy said...

Some preschools here are feingold approved only so they won't allow anything unnatural and die free.We tried to go the feingold diet a few years ago and it didn't work for us.I am glad though that paprika will only eat the chocolate but my oh my that box is full.
I love the pictures of them all reading,so cute.Ive never heard of the book