Thursday, February 21, 2013

Into The Wilderness!


We spent the afternoon today at the Wildnerness Park.  I thought every park would be crowded this week because of school being on break - but quite the contrary, we've had every place practically all to ourselves.  Yay!  :-)

I thought I would go crazy this week with all three girls being home all day, but it's been great.  Really great.  Busy?  Yes!  But so very fun, too

I think it has a little something to do with these two girls being Besties.  How cool is it to get to hang out with your very best friend all day, every day?:


Paprika is pretty easy-going about her clothes and will wear whatever as long as it's comfortable.  But Ginger and Violet?  Oh my goodness.  Two little fashionistas.

Ginger has 100% her own style, and she insists on dressing herself.  I changed up her dresser so she has complete autonomy over her wardrobe (she can get to it all herself) - which is a good thing, because if I pick out something for her to wear, there is absolutely no chance she will wear it.  Haha. 

Her "thing" is that she has to wear pants, a dress, and then a sweater or shirt on top of her dress. I remember when I was 4, I wanted to wear pants under my dress and my mom wouldn't let me leave the house looking like that because she said I'd look like a ragamuffin.

Well, maybe it's having three kids ages 6 and under - but I have to pick my battles.  So, if Ginger wants to wear pants on her head, that is fine by me.  Haha.  I love her little style and that she knows what she likes.  :-)


So, we had a great day at the Wilderness Park.  I made sure to bring quarters so we could feed the ducks, turtles, and whatnot.

Paprika knew all about the different ducks - I think Nana Nancy and Grandpa Dave must have told her all about them when they were here because she was telling me which ones were male vs. female and how you could tell in each breed.  We also saw ducks nesting, so Paprika really wants to come back to see the baby ducklings when they hatch.

Ginger had a great time looking at the turtles.  She wanted to jump right in with them!


We saw a lot of turtles sunning themselves - the girls got really close to them when they were feeding them - I think they were hoping one would follow us home.  ;-)


But thankfully they stayed right on their little logs.  ;-)


And little Miss Violet had a great time riding around in the Ergo.  She was really interested in all the animals we saw, and desperately wanted to jump in the pond!


See...she's just waiting for her chance to escape.  Haha!  :-)


The End.


blondemom3boys said...

How did you get that great group shot?! Love it! And you look SO good! Love Ginger's fashion sense! Amazing! These pictures of the BFF sisters and your baby girl make my heart smile! Great pics!! XO

Kim said...

Looks like fun! I love Gingers style!

Devon MIKELS said...

First of all, you are beatiful!

I think Ginger's outfit picks are so adorable!! She is going to go into fashion...And at least she wants to cover up *too much** - Somehow I doubt you will have that same battle in 10 years. ha!

ps. I miss you!

Mimi said...

I love Ginger's ensembles, they're individual and gorgeous. She knows what she likes, and it works for her; the rest is not important.
Wilderness Park looks amazing!