Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Cute Little Weekend!

So, after the whole Library U-Turn on Friday, Ginger came home and went to bed. She slept and slept and slept. She didn't have a fever, she was just so tired.

On Saturday, she was back to her old self - so a trip to the Library was in the cards. The girls were so excited!


The computers were the big hit - they always are! The girls also made it into the stacks and checked out about two dozen books. Paprika even checked out The Hobbit! Haha.


Now I just have to keep track of ALL those books so we can return them.  ;-)


The weather was gorgeous on Sunday - perfect for a little beach trip...



Baby Violet likes to wave to EVERYONE now.  She waves hello and goodbye to everyone, and to no one in particular.

Hi!  Howya Doin'? 


She is a friendly baby! Haha.


Me and my little social butterfly:


Paprika had to run straight into the waves, first thing.  She is a little mermaid in the water and daily asks me for a boogie board or a surfboard.  I told her she can start surfing when she's 10.  She told me that she'll be counting the days.  I think she may end up being a little surfer girl.


Mr. M trying to take a snooze in the sun.  Easier said than done with Miss Violet around:


The only way we could get the girls to leave the beach was to promise them a trip to In 'N Out burger. ;-) Ginger's favorite thing at In 'N Out? A glass of ice water. Haha. But Paprika loves their chocolate shakes, and I don't think we could get her to leave the beach for anything less. :-)

Now Paprika is back to school (it's Wednesday already!) - and I am dreaming once again of homeschooling her. How many days until Spring Break???

The End.


blondemom3boys said...

These pics, especially the beach pics are just awesome! :) Love your striped tunic & comfy pants combo! :) Glad Ginger is feeling better these days...and that everyone got to go to the beach!

Debi @ said...

I found your blog and was perusing around. Key words: gluten free, Homeland, husband working a lot.

Love reading your stuff. You are one busy mom. What fun!!! Glad I found you.