Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Headache Cure - Lent Day One


It's the first day of Lent, and I decided to give up wheat (gluten), processed sugar, chocolate, white potatoes, and alcohol. So far, so good. Of course, it hasn't even been a day yet! Haha. I've never given up anything for Lent before, so I'm excited. :-)

My only withdrawal side effect so far is a horrible headache - I think that's the sugar withdrawal? Hopefully I'll be feeling clearer headed in a day or two. Fingers crossed.

These pictures make me smile.  When my Grandma (Grandma Mimi) came to visit, she gave the girls each their own Raggedy Ann doll. It's Violet's favorite doll and she loves to "feed" her. So sweet.


So, whenever I have a headache, I'll just look at these pictures and they'll make me feel better. Works every time. :-)


blondemom3boys said...

I"m going to be cheering you on with all that you are giving up for Lent! I think it is the perfect time too....God will be on your side! ;o) Good luck! I am SO proud of you! :o)

Mimi said...

Fair play to you, that is a LOT to give up, will be interested to see how you get on.
I gave up giving things up for Lent, we always did it as kids and I've had enough of it. I try to take up e.g. being more thoughtful etc.,it's probably not as much a sacrifice as giving up chocolate would be, lol.
Violet's pics are incredibly sweet, she has so thoughtful and caring a look on her little face, bless her!