Friday, October 26, 2012

Week In Review!


What a week! On Monday, Mr. M and I went to the cast and crew screening of Flight - a movie he worked on last Winter/Spring. It is coming out on November 2nd - go see it! It is GOOD! :-)

I had my friend AND her nanny come over to watch the girls. I figured with two grown women (both mothers) watching the girls, everything would be fine. I was a little (okay A LOT) nervous about leaving Violet since it was the first time I have left her with a sitter. I did everything I could to prepare for the night, and she cried the whole time I was gone anyway. She really wanted her mommy!

Anyhoo- the screening was GREAT! It was at Paramount, on the lot, in their fanciest theater. Mr. M edited the crash sequence, and it was soooo gripping. I was literally gripping his arm the whole time! ;-)

Needless to say, I was super proud of Mr. M. This is his first big budget studio feature he's worked on, and it's directed by someone he greatly respects...and so, well, it was kind of a dream come true all-around. I could go on and on about how special it was to sit in that theater with Mr. M and see his work on the big screen, but I'll STOP already! Haha.

Afterwards there was a beautiful reception, and lots of fancy food, and I ate way too much and talked way too long. Maybe I need to get out more! Ha! ;-)


Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much business as usual days. The girls were recovering from their LATE night on Monday.

Oh, that's right...when we got home on Monday night at midnight, the girls were still wide awake, hungry (of course), and not at all tired. So, they didn't get to sleep until about 1:30AM on Monday.

On Tuesday, I got my Halloween costume in the mail (it's a Giraffe costume). I had planned on Violet being a Baby Giraffe and me being a Mommy Giraffe.

I ordered Violet's costume from Ebay weeks ago, and it's been sitting in the closet. Well, as soon as Ginger saw MY giraffe costume, she decided that she wants to be a baby giraffe and NOT a purple butterfly for Halloween!

So, now Ginger (age 3) has claimed the Baby Giraffe costume as her own...and wants to wear it everywhere.  It's size 6-12 months!  But she still squeezes into it!

Well, you know me...I have backups.  I accidentally "won" on Ebay a set of giraffe pajamas for Violet- so now both girls can be Giraffes if they want to for Halloween.  All's well that ends well...


Yesterday we met up with some out-of-town friends at Disneyland! Whe we got to the park, I realized our camera was almost out of batteries, so we hardly got any pictures. Doh!

Oh well - great time was had by all and our friends took lots of pictures, so hopefully we'll get a chance to see their pictures soon. :-)


Paprika was very excited to show her Halloween costume to Merida.  Hello Mini Merida! :-)


The hair cracks me up!

Paprika was brave and met up with Mickey at his house.


I will never forget her first encounter with Mickey Mouse:


My girl has come a long way in (almost) 4 years!  For what it's worth, the room where they have you meet Mickey IS a little dark and scary and intimidating.   ;-)

 I can't believe I was pregnant with Ginger in that picture...that's how long ago it was.   Mickey hasn't aged a bit!


And last but not least, we rode the roller coaster. Ginger is big enough to ride it but she was too scared. Violet is too little, so I went with Paprika the first time, and then they let Mr. M go with her a second time.

Paprika told me later that she was SO scared her loose tooth was going to fly out of the roller coaster and into the lake down below.

Yup, you heard it here first. Paprika has a loose tooth. She is so excited and desperately wants the tooth fairy to visit her. She's even started writing her notes!

Today it was back to business as usual, and Daisy got a full beauty treatment! She needed it. :-)


And...that's the week in review! Happy Weekend!

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