Monday, October 8, 2012

The Big Swim Race!


Paprika had her first swim meet on Sunday. She did GREAT! I was having a lot of anxiety about taking all three girls by myself, since Mr. M had to work. But at the last minute, he decided he could go into work a little late  - so I didn't end up going alone! Yay!!!


He took Paprika at 9am to get her checked in and warmed up, and I followed a little later with the other two girls (plus snacks, towels, goggles, etc.) I felt like a pack mule, as usual! ;-)

Paprika's event was #36, so we had to wait for 35 races before her. Wow, that's a lot of waiting! The girls entertained themselves by running around, and then we played "I Spy With My Little Eye" for longer than you can imagine.


We amused ourselves by taking pictures of one another.  And also taking pictures of other people taking pictures. ;-)


And then showing the girls the pictures we took on the camera:


Ginger wanted to go play down at the park, so I took her for a little bit while we were waiting. She finally decided to wear last year's Halloween costume top! It's a little small now! ;-) Now that she's wearing clothes, she loves picking out her own outfits. I love what she comes up with!


It was so exciting seeing Paprika race. She LOVED it. I was worried that she wasn't going to enjoy it, or feel pressured, or lose her love for swimming. But, quite the opposite, she got out of the water and wanted to race again and again. She said next time she wants to swim in every event.

I was worried she was going to be concerned with "winning" - but quite the contrary, she didn't notice if she came in first or second or last. All the kids finished within a second or two of each other, so it was very even. There ended up being four people in her event, and they all did great. I was so proud of ALL of them - to be six years old and able to swim across the whole pool freestyle...I think that's a pretty great accomplishment.

Anyway, after the meet was done, Mr. M went to work, and the rest of us spent the afternoon at the park. I had been telling Ginger for the three hours prior that once the meet was done, we would go to the needless to say, I had to make good on my word! ;-)

She was a happy girl!


Paprika is already looking forward to her next "racing swim meet" - my gosh, could she be growing up any faster? I am so proud of her, and really glad we all got to go to her swim meet and see her race for the first time.  It was one of those extra concentrated  peak moments in time  - one we will think about years from now.  I want to file it away in my brain forever, it was just that perfect.  :-)


The End!

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Kim said...

What a big girl! So glad she enjoyed it! I want Brennan to be on a swim team next year, we will see:) Ginger is looking so much like a little girl and not a baby!