Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Weekend!


 Mr. M is working this weekend, so it's just me with the girls. We are getting it off to a great start. After school today we played in the backyard until sundown. I love seeing these three play together, even though the mess is triple when they do! ;-)

Instagram pic poolside:


Yesterday Ginger had a breakthrough at swimming. She went underwater a bunch of times - her first time doing that. Huge, right?! Haha! But anyway - I was really proud of her. Mr. M got to go to her lesson and see her swim, since he was off work yesterday. Yay!


Paprika has her first swim meet this weekend. Somehow I am supposed to take all three kids to the swim meet by myself...and wait there for like three hours until Paprika's event! I am bracing myself for that experience. ;-)

There are only three kids signed up so far for Paprika's event (including Paprika), so no matter what, she'll at least come in third place! I told her third place was like winning a bronze medal. She was happy with that!  I know that at some point kids have to know about winners and losers, but I really don't want to get her discouraged before she even gets started.  She loves to swim, and well...let's just say that she lacks a competitive spirit.  I love that about her, and just want her to enjoy it  and not feel bad about coming in first or last place.  I just hope she doesn't decide to sit on the bottom of the pool during the middle of the race!  Ha!

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Mimi said...

Yikes! That 3-hour stint will take stamina!
Love the first pic of the 3 sisters.
Hope Paprika has a great day at the swim meet.

Amy said...

My daughter has been swimming on the girls varsity at her school and isn't competitive either.But sometimes she swims even better at meets because she doesn't care who she beats.Hope Paprika has a great at her competition