Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ducks and Dollhouses!


First, do you remember the post I did back in May about the ducklings? Well, I never exactly found out what happened to them and I fretted the worst case scenario.

Remember how they hopped the fence into my backyard neighbor's yard and were never to be seen again? Well, a few days ago, I was in my backyard and my backyard neighbors were out there building a toolshed.

We got to talking, and they told me so many fascinating things about my house and our neighborhood, in general. They have lived in their house for 20 years and have heard things. ;-)

The first thing they told me is that the piece of property I live on used to be a pond! Before our city had houses, it was a lake with ducks. When the neighborhood was built, they filled the lake in, and made a lake at a nearby park (the park where we go to feed the ducks!)- and well, I guess the ducks have never forgotten this little that is why they come here with their babies!

I hesitantly asked about the ducklings from May, and the wife said the MOST unbelievable thing! She told me that her teenage son WALKED those ducks all through town to the pond. They walked across traffic and across a MAJOR street (like six lanes, people!)

 It seriously was a Make Way for Ducklings kind of a thing. Their son even held up traffic to get the ducklings to safety. I guess this is not the first time this family has ushered little ducklings to safety. She said that every duckling made it safely to the big pond.

I don't know about you, but I'll sure be sleeping better at night now. ;-)


In other news, remember how I wanted to move into that dollhouse of a rental (the house across from the park that was $300 less/month) but Mr. M said NO? Well, I about cried for a week about it when I realized it wasn't going to happen. The rental had a guest house and a jacuzzi on the back deck (and a wet bar) AND cost $300 less/month - did I mention that part?! Haha.

So, last week I was over at the park and I saw the new family moving in. I was having a serious case of green monsters because I love that house.

Then, over the weekend, I was at the park and the dad came out of the house with his two little kids and we got to chatting. They are the NICEST family, and I found out that even had we applied for the house, we wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

Turns out that the family's old landlord needed to move back into his house, so the family had to find a new place...and their old landlord was childhood friends with the guy who owns my little dream dollhouse.  They went to elementary school all the way up through highschool together and were t-ball buddies or something like that.

 So, basically, they were IN and there was no way we would have gotten it anyway. Well, that bit of information gave me peace and made me happy we didn't go through the drama of trying to get the house (and goodness knows, I would have been packing boxes the night we sent in the application).

Anyway, I do love our street we're on now and our lovely neighbors. And just knowing that we could possibly have more ducklings coming to nest in the future is reason enough to stay. :-)


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jody said...

I love hearing all about your days, reminds me of when i was a young mom of 3. The girls r all growing and beautiful! Enjoy! As u know it goes so fast and life changes.

Mimi said...

Isn't it funny how it all works out in the end? As my Mum used to say "what's for you won't go by you".
That rental house does sound lovely!